Gift Ideas

We just love making bespoke products for our customers

We are often asked to design bespoke items for our lovely customers who can’t quite find what they are looking for on the High Street. Its our pleasure to transform their ideas into reality….and its so amazing when they see what we made for them.  We do sometimes wonder when in the design process that their idea will actually be a success and to be honest there has been a few occasions when our customer has cooed and ahhhed over what we made and skipped out of the door happy and content and we look at each other and think thank goodness we don’t have to make that again……but this has only been a number of times as actually, you the lovely public, have some amazing ideas going on in your heads!!!!  So amazing that we then turn them into products to add to our store….with a bit of tweaking of course!

Our 3 Heart Name Sign was adapted from a customer design and has proven to be one of our top sellers…..



Sleeps Here Heart Sign……

Personalised 'Sleeps Here' Sign

Cat door stop… name of your furball can be added!

Cat Door Stop



Celebration Heart….perfect to hang from a bottle of Champagne!  (Star also available)


2013-02-23 16.26.19


So you see if you are struggling to find that perfect gift or just something for your self or your home and you have searched high and low but it’s just not what you are looking for …….give us a call or email us and share your ideas and we might just be able to help!

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