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Stylecraft Special DK Stock Update

Well due to the enormous success of this fabulous all round yarn we have added lots more shades to our stock now.  We have 68 colours in stock and we are adding to this all the time. https://primitiveangel.com/product/stylecraft-special-dk-100gm/ I love this yarn as its so soft and very versatile for both knitting and crochet projects and economical at the same time ….. bonus.  I use it alot in my crochet projects and am currently making a granny stripe throw for an armchair.  I am almost finished ….. just got the sewing in of the ends ….. my favourite part …. not!

In my throw I used the following colour recipe just in case you were wondering ……  parchment, camel, meadow, duck egg, navy, khaki, claret and burgundy.  I have an old armchair that I love and is just so comfortable but is wearing away slightly on the arms and wanted something to cover it up as well as looking pretty too.  These are almost the exact colours in my armchair 😉 …




2018-03-25 01.41.37

Although Fiesta seems bright it works up really well when mixed with less vibrant colours and is surprisingly (to me) popular …….


My faves at the moment and seemingly with my customers are vintage peach …….


Lime is also a lovely shade of green ……….


that works lovely with mushroom ………


And a good all rounder is parchment which is an old fashioned shade of cream/stone and mixes well with other shades……..


Love the cosy shades ……….



My three favourites at the moment are Storm Blue, Tomato and Camel ….. but I do love them all to be fair.

I would love to know what your favourites are and which shades you would like us to stock ….. as we are always interested in what our customers are looking for.  Also please share what projects you are working on as I am nosey like that 🙂 and just love seeing what other crafters are working on ……. after all we are a massive community and its such fun to communicate with like minded people all over the world.


Till next time …… keep crafting!

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Sweet Scentsation

Hi Everyone…..

Can you believe we are in the middle of June already, where has January to May gone? Bizarre right?

This week I have been adding new products to our new fragrance section…this was prompted by a lovely bunch of flowers my husband bought me….one of my favourite flowers…Stocks…..they are the sweetest smelling blooms….their fragrance filled the whole house for 2 weeks until sadly they dwindled and I had to throw them away.




This is not the case however, with our new scented section, where there is an abundance of sweetly scented home accessories that will last and linger in your home for months on end.

For example I have just added the new scented sachets by The Bidgewater Candle Company and Greenleaf…….they are amazing and their scents are wonderful as each and every fragrance is specifically formulated to provide the strong and “true to the end” fragrance which lasts for months……


























….. its hard to choose which one is my favourite because they are all equally lovely.


You can add them to your cupboards, drawers or even in your car.

We also have our ever popular cinnamon heart swags….dipped in our secret recipe of coffee and cinnamon and smell delicious.

Handmade Cinnamon Heart Swag

Lavender scented bundle stacks filled to the brim with french lavender.



Lastly and not least our rosebud hearts, both small and large, completely made with dried rosebuds and the sweet heavenly rose scent is divine.

small pink rosebud heart



There is nothing better than having your home filled with sweet fragrances throughout the day especially if its cold and grey outside it will be warm and sunny with a SWEET SCENTSATION inside.

p.s. these also make amazing gift giving ideas too!

Until next time……..


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Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Hi Everyone!

Now that spring has finally arrived and the days are longer and warmer and most of us are now venturing out into the garden I thought I would share some ideas that I have been experimenting with and have turned out quite good…..even hubby agrees!

Don’t get me wrong I am not an expert in the gardening situation, in fact I don’t have green fingers and I have had numerous plants die on me over the years….but I know what I like and try my best to bring my ideas to life, not always successfully and my hubby will be the first to say…. “What the heck is that?” or “That looks ridiculous” etc etc but its a learning curve and there is no wrong or right way to develop your love of the garden and all things pretty.


I picked up these three enamel jugs when I was in France a few years ago and this year I have added trailing plants to them.. if you look closely there is still the remains of last years plant growing through the spout on the jug to the left of the picture!


An old charity shop find transformed into a lovely way for training plants to cascade out of the drawers….there is even a robins nest being built in the bottom drawer!

old-chair-in-garden-planterThis was just a plain old random chair….can’t remember where I bought this from which was hanging around in the shed for ages. I gave it a few coats of Cuprinol Garden Shades …..added an old terracotta pot with a pretty plant and hey presto its transformed!



Take a modern side table…give it a coat of paint, shabby chic it with sandpaper…add an old plant pot or milk churn with some pretty plants!



Finally…this was a lovely water fountain that we had in our garden for years but over time the harsh frosts of winter too its toll and a crack formed in the back making it leak…then the pump broke…so it nearly ended up in the recycling bin…but as you can see it makes another planter idea!

So if your in need of some inspiration ideas for your garden I do hope that these pictures give you a new perspective on everyday items than be transformed into useful and pretty planters! The moto for today is….”Don’t throw anything away, give it a new lease of life and put it in your garden. They not only help you recycle, are quite practical, very pretty and most importantly they can provide useful shelter to birds, toads, hedgehogs and other garden life!  Happy days. X