Classic Linen Scented Sachet


Greenleaf scented sachets have been adding fragrance to our homes for over 40 years! Each scented sachet has a wonderful highly effective and long lasting scent mix contained within it. The use of essential oils makes sure every Greenleaf scented sachet delivers a consistent fragrance for up to 3 months. Easily add a touch of fragrance anywhere by slipping one of these scented sachets into wardrobes, drawers, gifts, cars & so much more.

Scented Sachet Fragrance: Fresh fragrance of spring air & clean water, wrapped like a sun dried duvet with sweet floral and balsamic notes

size:  (large) W 11.5cm x L 17cm

Scented sachet Tip: Place your favourite scented sachet behind the toilet, out of sight.  Your bathroom/toilet will stay smelling lovely and fresh for up to 3 months from one single sachet!

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