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Sweet Scentsation

Hi Everyone…..

Can you believe we are in the middle of June already, where has January to May gone? Bizarre right?

This week I have been adding new products to our new fragrance section…this was prompted by a lovely bunch of flowers my husband bought me….one of my favourite flowers…Stocks…..they are the sweetest smelling blooms….their fragrance filled the whole house for 2 weeks until sadly they dwindled and I had to throw them away.




This is not the case however, with our new scented section, where there is an abundance of sweetly scented home accessories that will last and linger in your home for months on end.

For example I have just added the new scented sachets by The Bidgewater Candle Company and Greenleaf…….they are amazing and their scents are wonderful as each and every fragrance is specifically formulated to provide the strong and “true to the end” fragrance which lasts for months……


























….. its hard to choose which one is my favourite because they are all equally lovely.


You can add them to your cupboards, drawers or even in your car.

We also have our ever popular cinnamon heart swags….dipped in our secret recipe of coffee and cinnamon and smell delicious.

Handmade Cinnamon Heart Swag

Lavender scented bundle stacks filled to the brim with french lavender.



Lastly and not least our rosebud hearts, both small and large, completely made with dried rosebuds and the sweet heavenly rose scent is divine.

small pink rosebud heart



There is nothing better than having your home filled with sweet fragrances throughout the day especially if its cold and grey outside it will be warm and sunny with a SWEET SCENTSATION inside.

p.s. these also make amazing gift giving ideas too!

Until next time……..


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